Sunday, September 12, 2010

AgeLOC Review – Is AgeLOC Really A Billion Dollar Disovery?

The following article reviews ageLOC: why it’s unique, why it’s considered a billion-dollar breakthrough, and what it can do for you.

AgeLOC is a new scientific platform based on genetics whereby it is able to identify the genes that are related to aging and then “reset” those genes to a more youthful state. Until now, most nutritional and pharmaceutical companies have been trying to find that one “mother” gene. What Nu Skin has discovered is that one gene does not control aging but rather groups of genes acting together. These groups of genes have been labeled as, “youth gene clusters” and this new discovery is able to not only identify them (which no other company has been able to do) but also influence the expression of them which results in reversing the aging process.

There are two very important things that make this company so unique:

1. It has made it possible to IDENTIFY the gene clusters in the human body that affect the aging process. Using a patented algorithm, they’re able to locate and influence this cluster. With around 25,000 genes in the human genome to look within, this accomplishment is enormous.

2. It is able to “reset” the Youth Gene Clusters (YGC’s) to a more youthful state. It is important to understand that Nu Skin does NOT alter genes but rather influences the expression of genes. It is now known that the expression of certain genes working together is what causes aging. AgeLOC can down regulate and up regulate the appropriate genes resulting in making you younger on both the inside and outside!

So is ageLOC a billion dollar discovery? Consider how many people would give anything to have their youth back but have (until now) not had the means to do so? It seems plain that this isn’t just a billion-dollar discovery but a discovery that holds untold monetary value. With the world already taking notice of ageLOC’s skin care line (while their nutritional product, “Vitality” is yet to be released), it seems obvious: this is going to permanently change the way we look at aging!

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