Saturday, June 12, 2010

This is on the cover of this week's "Time" magazine & will stimulate many "water cooler" discussion this week.

"Scientist: We didn't create life from scratch"

From CNN reports May 22, 2010 STORY HIGHLIGHTS
Scientists created an active cell from computer-generated DNA

Team was led by human genome pioneer J. Craig Venter (CNN)

Genetics pioneer J. Craig Venter announced Thursday that he and his team have created artificial life for the first time. Using sequences of genetic code created on a computer, the team assembled a complete DNA of a bacterium, then inserted it in another bacterium and initiated synthesis, or in Venter's words
"booted up" the cell.
In a statement, Venter called the results "the proof of principle that genomes can be
designed in the computer, chemically made in the laboratory and transplanted
into a recipient cell to produce a new self-replicating cell," controlled by the synthetic genome.
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