Friday, July 23, 2010

Rosacea Results with Galvanic Spa II

This letter came from a very happy customer:


10 months ago at the esthetician/spa show in Las Vegas an estatistician from Australia told me I had serious rosacea on my nose. She took me to a laser booth, told the rep I was from Scottsdale and he told me to see Dr Saldo, N. Scottsdale, the top doc here who would get rid of my rosacea. It took 6 weeks to get an appointment but when we got home Joyce asked me to start using the Galvanic. I said I would use it on 1/2 my face. Within 2 weeks there was no longer visual evidence of rosacea. We kept the appointment and after his intensive look at my face he announced that he couldn't see any evidence of rosacea on my face. I asked him what his normal treatment was and what cost would be should I require treatment at a later date. He said it is normally 4 laser treatments and the cost is $3,000. My rosacea has never returned. I galvanic twice a week.
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Stop Rosacea said...

Rosacea commonly occurred in light-skinned people especially with aged from 30 to 60. The affected areas are nose, cheeks and forehead. My friend had also rosacea and I know it is very difficult to stop roscea. Please anyone have here iodea about the best skin care product to stop rosacea.